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The Dutch capital has always been a favoured expat destination and if you are on your way here, makes sure that you are well prepared for your new assignment. One vital thing that you have to check in your contract as a foreign worker is your health insurance which should be provided by your employer or sponsor.

There are also several types of insurance available in Amsterdam where you can create a protection blanket same as the one you have at home. Read the information below to help you in finding the right provider and how you can use your insurance so that you can enjoy living in Amsterdam with peace of mind.

Importance of Insurance

Expats who are in Amsterdam either for short term or long term assignments are obliged to have health insurance. It is of utmost importance that you secure your medical coverage once you arrive. All insurers in the city are bound by law to accept anyone who wants to apply for the standard insurance plan and should charge all policyholders the same premiums regardless of their health status and age.

Dutch health care is one of the best in the world and expats moving here have access to all medical services and preventive care. The ultimate purpose of the compulsory health insurance in Amsterdam or any medical insurance is to save the people from the hefty costs of medical bills, doctors’ fees and prescription drugs.

Getting Private Insurance

Expats can choose among the many multinational and local providers in Amsterdam. Aside from the coverage, you have from work, you can also get several types of policies such as international health and life insurance from AXA Global Healthcare. There are also local providers like Vergelijk Direct that offers a wide selection of life and non-life policies.

You can ask your HR office or fellow expats who have been in Amsterdam for quite some time if they can give you any referrals. The insurance companies also have websites where you can get a free quotation and idea about their different types of plans. Do not rush yourself in choosing and make sure that the company you are dealing with has accreditation from  The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM)

Local Insurance 

Amsterdam plays a significant role as the country’s capital and one of Europe’s top financial hubs. The Dutch life insurance market is the 24th largest in the world where life insurers are considered to be the strongest driving force. Amsterdam is also where you will find the office of The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) whose purpose is to supervise the operation of all insurance companies in The Netherlands.

An average Dutch has eight different types of coverage because for them; insurance is seen not just a need but a form of common sense. Amsterdam is also one of the most insured cities in the world, and one mandatory type of policy is the third party liability (aansprakelijkheid) insurance. It is the most basic type of plan that every car in Amsterdam should have. TPL ensures that any damage or injury caused to a third party (person or properties) will have adequate coverage.

Expats relocating to Amsterdam will find out that the trademark Dutch pragmatic mentality is the secret why they are living a secured life. You will find many national companies that can give you various types of protection. But as an expat, you can also consider getting an international insurance since it can cover your health and assets, not just in Amsterdam, but also worldwide.



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