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Any expat can easily say that their lives are extremely busy. From the preparation to the transition process until they gradually slide to their daily life; there’s not much time left to deal with other unimportant things. Well, when you are moving to Netherlands as much as in other countries, taking with you a good level of protection is important. There might be an extra challenge in the Dutch market because of the language, but you will find that English is quite wide-spread. From the discussion of your benefits with your HR to securing some good products for your family, let us take you into the world of insurance in the Netherlands.

Getting Insurance

For working expats, your employer should be the first provider of your health protction while you are in the country. Law mandates that any company who has more than 50 workers should have sufficient medical coverage for all their employees. You can always go to the Human Resource department of your company to ask about your policy and what are the benefits included in your agreement. Also, you have to check if your provider is accredited by the Netherlands Bank , a local institution which protects the rights of the clients and ensures that all brokers are complying with the law.

"Healthcare in the Netherlands is unbelievably good. I have only ever had positive experiences that being said, I think expats (especially from America) will have to realise that the system is different. The waiting time can be long, and trying to change an appointment is very difficult."- Kate Vowles, Expat in The Netherlands

Expats can also get insurance products from the international and local companies in the country. Some local companies such as Centrale Zorgverzekeraars Groep offers comprehensive life and medical coverage. Take your time in asking about their different policies before deciding which company to choose. You need to talk to your colleagues or other expats like you to ask what is the level of coverage they are getting and their usual health care provider (be it hospital or specialist). Keep in mind that the right provider is the key to securing yourself and your finances.


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Importance of Insurance

Currently, there are no required vaccinations for all tourists or expats entering The Netherlands. However, it is still highly recommended that you update your vaccinations against mumps, measles, rubella, polio, diphtheria, tetanus and rabies. Mosquitoes are prevalent in European countries, especially in the Netherlands along with other insects or bugs that can cause Lyme disease. Most cases are reported in the areas of Friesland, Drenthe, Hoge Veluwe National Park and Wadden Islands so make sure to always put insect repellent when going out to those places.

Once you have signed your contract with the insurance company or start cover under your group/company policy, see to it that you know everything about your policy. The Netherlands is generally a safe country to be where most health risks can be avoided by prevention, proper awareness and following safety procedures. You do not have to compromise your health because of the worry of spending too much. Health care usually cover the fees for vaccinations, physical exams and routine check ups. These types of services can greatly help you in monitoring and maintaining the good condition of your body.

Local Insurance in Netherlands

The Netherlands has one of the most highly regarded health care systems in the world where the state shoulders all long-term illnesses through tax funding. The Dutch law requires all medical practitioners to attend to the emergency need of patients regardless of their type of coverage. All locals and expats with permanent residence permit are required to have insurance from a private company while those below 18 years of age are eligible for the free basic health package. In case of an emergency, you should dial 112 to get hold of an ambulance or local response team.

Expats should see to it that they have adequate coverage while in the Netherlands. International companies are still the best options for you since they tailor fit their policies to suit your needs and lifestyle while in a different country. Having global insurance will also give you reassurance that you will receive proper medical service anywhere you are. Remember to talk to different people in order to assess your own need. Starting with your HR, other colleagues or other expats of your community.



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