Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Netherlands

10,104,000 tourists arrived in the Netherlands within the last 12 months alone, many of them visiting for the first time and many returning for their third, fourth, or higher visit. If you will be among the travellers this year, purchase travel insurance multi trip in the Netherlands for the safety of your health.


For expats in the Netherlands who frequently travel overseas in a span of a year, International Medical Group provides multi-trip insurance coverage that reduces costs and adds advantages. IMG plans provide superior benefits and services that address clients’ international travel requirements, including multilingual staff, global claims processing and round-the-clock access to medical emergency coordinators.

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An international lifestyle requires an insurance policy that is fit for its unique challenges and requirements. Through its Atlas Professional plans, MultiNational Underwriters provides exactly the coverage that global citizens in the Netherlands need. MNU is one of the world's pioneer multi-trip insurance providers, but it is constantly changing to create the best products that address the evolving needs of its clients.

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