Single Trip Travel Insurance in Netherlands

The last year brought a small but positive net migration to the Netherlands, with 50,006 new residents setting up homes in the country. If you will be travelling to the country for work or to move as one of the next 50 thousand residents, look in to travel insurance single trip in the Netherlands to keep you safe while you enjoy the sights.


There are instances when an expat is not yet sure of the duration of his stay in the Netherlands or in other places. Acquiring a Globe Hopper Travel Medical Insurance is the right timing since it does not have any gaps for when the coverage plan is applicable and, besides, expats may also extend it up to a maximum of two years. Globe Hopper plans were brought by the IMG.

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MultiNational Underwriter is for anyone travelling on their own. Anyone interested to have an insurance plan that they can customize to meet their needs may go with the Atlas Travel series. One of the benefits include a 50% eligibility on hospitalization and medical expenses when caught up in an accident while in the Netherlands.

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