Tax Advisory in Netherlands

Discussing expat tax in the Netherlands can be a positive experience for foreign residents of the country. The government actually offers a number of benefits or Toeslagen after implementing various tax reforms to compensate for the loss of income of certain communities.

Many expats think they can escape their tax issues, unaware that the taxman will eventually catch up on them. It is wise for them to seek the services of an expert who can provide an accurate assessment of their tax situation, and advice necessary steps. Andrew Baker, a UK-based tax specialist who has a nearly four-decade experience in the industry, is a perfect candidate for this role for expats in the Netherlands.

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As much as expatriates in the Netherlands and to other places, would like to avoid taxes, it is impossible. It is part of an individual’s relocation that they must also be knowledgeable about the tax rules and regulations in the host country. Tax Advisory Expatriates is one of the established firms willing to offer the best service to expats with taxes.

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