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In New Zealand, rental housing in most areas is cheap and easy to find, except in some places like Auckland, where it can be more expensive and harder to come across. Around 68% of New Zealanders own their own homes at the present time, this is down from 74% of New Zealanders in 1995. Rental property can be found advertised in the newspaper, or through an agency. Agencies charge a commission equivalent to about a week's rent.


The New Zealand standard lease or tenancy agreement is indefinite and renewable, it may be terminated by the tenant with 21 day notice, and by the landlord with 90 day notice. The security bond is usually one or two weeks rent, and in New Zealand it isn't held by the landlord, but by the bond processing unit, which refunds the money to the tenants at the end of their tenancy.


Rent in New Zealand is normally charged every two weeks rather than monthly. The average rent is only around 200 dollars per week, and cheaper two bedroom apartments may be found for just 150 dollars a week. However, accommodation that includes a view of the ocean is usually charged more per week in New Zealand.

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