Tax Advisory in New Zealand

Taxes can be a difficult subject, which is why the services of an advisor on expat tax in New Zealand may be needed by a foreign national who has been residing permanently in this country. Tax rates in New Zealand are considerably high, with the top income tax rate being 39% and corporate income tax possibly rising up to as much as 33%. With a tax expert, taxation can be so much simpler for an expat.

Expats may have to pay taxes where they are currently residing and in their home country. Even so, foreign credits can be used to negate the loss, although the process can be very intricate. This is something Andrew Baker of UK, a specialist in personal taxation for over 35 years, can expertly handle for expats in New Zealand.

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Tax Advisory Expatriates ensures that they will give the best recommendations for expats worrying about handling their tax concerns. They offer their services at a very reasonable price and it is no wonder that expats in New Zealand and in other countries choose the firm for all their legal needs overseas.

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