Essential Employment Paperwork in Nicaragua



Bordering Costa Rica and Honduras is the culturally diverse nation of Nicaragua. It is now experiencing a significant increase in the number of foreign nationals that seek job opportunities in its shores. Nicaragua is blessed with a progressive economy and now is the right time for aspiring expatriates to prepare all the employment paperwork that’ll help lead them towards success. 

Citizens of the European Union, United States, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Guatemala, Scandinavia, El Salvador and Honduras are allowed to enter Nicaragua without a visa. Upon their arrival, they will be given a tourist card which is valid for 90 days and can be extended by leaving and re-entering the country. Foreign nationals from countries that are not listed above are legally required to obtain residence visa and a work permit to be able to seek employment or stay in Nicaragua for more than three months.

Work Permit 

Expats need to find a potential Nicaraguan employer who will act as their sponsor for the whole duration of their work contract. However, before a company in this country can hire a foreign national, they should first send a letter to the Dirección General de Migración y Extranjería(Directorate General of Immigration) explaining why no Nicaraguan national or resident was found to fill the vacancy. The employer will be notified by the authorities if their request has been approved but bear in mind that no expatriate is allowed to work in this country until their permit has been granted. 

In order to obtain a Nicaraguan work permit, the employer must also go to the Ministry of Labour to have the employment contract validated. Other documents that must be presented during the application are: 

  • Copy of the employee’s passport
  • CV
  • A Testimonio del Acta de Constitución de la Empresa (Articles of Incorporation of the Company)
  • Evidence issued by the Ministry of Labour showing that the employer is complying with Labour Code 14 whereas 90% of its workforce are Nicaraguan
  • Letter promising that the foreign national will leave the country after the employment contract has expired 

Expats who have been granted with work permit and contract will be eligible for the temporary residence visa. Most of the time, the Nicaraguan employer will also supply the documentations on behalf of their employee. Foreign nationals can also contact the nearest Nicaraguan Embassy/Consulate in their home country for the latest immigration procedures. The temporary residence visa is usually valid for one year and can be extended or renewed for up to five years.