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Relocating to a different country means preparing more than just your housing, food, mode of transportation, etc. Many expats tend to forget one of the most important things you need to have when starting a new life abroad: healthcare insurance. Don’t be a part of the majority who thinks that medical insurance is not a priority since you can just pay for any hospitalisation or health service from your pocket in case the situation arises. It is better to be prepared especially when it concerns your health and welfare than to be caught off-guard in the time of need. Here are some important facts that you need to know on how to protect yourself as you start a new journey in Nicaragua.

Getting Insurance

Your health care protection should initially come from your employer as part of your relocation package to Nicaragua. It should be discussed with you during the contract signing or if not, you can contact the Human Resource office of your company to enquire about the coverage of your policy. The insurance broker of your employer should also be licensed and under the names of accredited companies of the Superintendencia de Bancos y Otras Instituciones Financieras, a local sector whose in charge of supervising all insurance providers in the country.

You can also get medical insurance from the international or local companies in Nicaragua. The choosing part is usually the most important, so it's best that you contact several to gain information about their different policies that can meet your specific needs. Expats in the country can choose between AXA Global Healthcare, a multinational broker that caters to the health insurance of foreign nationals in different countries abroad and Assa Compañía de Seguros, which is a local company that offers health, home and auto coverage.

Importance of Insurance

Nicaragua is still considered to be a developing country so there are certain things that you need to be careful to avoid risks to your health. Because of the county’s tropical climate, newcomers might experience rashes, dehydration and heat exhaustion. Drinking tap water or eating food from the streets is not advisable in the country because there are cases of diarrhoea especially for expats who are still adjusting to the new environment. You should also watch out for known contagious diseases in Nicaragua such as Zika Virus, leptospirosis, malaria, and dengue fever.

Health insurance doesn’t always mean that you can only use it for emergency situations, accidents and confinement. Having a decent medical coverage in this country can prove to be extremely helpful since certain policies cover vaccinations, regular checkups, physical exams and even daily vitamins to boost your immune system.

Local Insurance in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has a universal health care system that provides medical assistance to all citizens, permanent residents, public or private sector employees and self-employed workers. The cost of health care is cheap, but only primary medical attention is available in clinics and hospitals outside the city centre. You will find the best facilities in the capital Managua, where more severe illnesses are treated. One of the most modernised and equipped hospitals in the country are the Hospital Alemán-Nicaragüense and Hospital Bautista. The numbers you should call during an emergency are 128 (ambulance/first aid response), 115 (fire department) and 118 (police).

If you are going to live, work or travel in small rural areas in Nicaragua, it is best that you consider getting an international insurance since most of the local doctors in these clinics/ hospitals do not speak English. Having a professional team who have long years of experience providing health protection for expats like you during an emergency situation can be very reassuring. You can also take into consideration the financial stability of these multinational companies which proves that they will take good care, and you can make the most out of your investment.



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