Life Insurance in Nicaragua

All individual life insurance rates from any company anywhere in the world boil down to three factors: pure cost of insurance and company expenses and investment return on assets. Pure cost of insurance is based on the mortality rates used by the company and expenses include commissions, underwriting expenses, premium taxes, re-insurance cost and profit. Nicaraguan individual life insurance is not the most competitive policy out there.

Get a free no obligation quote on life insurance coverage for expatriates. Our trusted partners compare the market to help you find the right plan according to your situation and needs.

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US-based Clements Worldwide offers superior term life insurance plans for expats in Nicaragua. These policies require no medical underwriting for benefits up to US$500,000. Expats can take their insurance policies with them whether they change jobs or move anywhere in the world. Clements’ 24-hour customer platform ensures that expats receive assistance at all times.

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