Tax Advisory in Nicaragua

As an expat, you may be eligible for certain tax advantages (or liable for taxation in other ways) while residing in Nicaragua. You may not need to pay any taxes in Nicaragua at all. And, of course, you’re going to need to sort out what you owe in your home country. Most people need some sort of specialist advice to begin understanding their tax liability in these situations.

Expat taxation follows a unique system that is handled best by a professional. Andrew Baker is a UK-based tax specialist who has helped countless expats in Nicaragua and worldwide in the last 35 years, specializing in preparing tax return, income tax, capital gains tax, non-residence, non-domicile, and other areas related.

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All residents in Nicaragua earning income within the country are subject to income tax. Earnings outside the country are not covered by Nicaragua’s tax laws. Expats are advised to seek assistance from tax experts to avoid troubles with authorities both in their home and host countries. Tax Advisory Expatriates has a team of experts who assist in tax returns and planning.

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