International School Advisory in Norway

Most of the foreign nationals residing in Norway opt to send their children to an international school, despite the government giving free education even to expat children. This is because subjects in public schools are taught in the national language, Norwegian, while international schools mostly use English as the medium of instruction. Among the international schools in Norway are Oslo International School, British International School of Stavanger, Birralee International School Trondheim and Kongsberg International School.

People who intend to move to Norway should plan well, especially with school-age children in tow. A trusted provider of school placement assistance services is School Choice International, a group of high caliber professionals in the education and educational administration sectors who are trusted for their trustworthy services benefiting many families all over the globe.

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Relocating to Norway or anywhere in the world with kids is a serious matter, especially when it comes to finding them a school that will keep them competitive when it's time to return home. Providing relevant advisory services is the Good Schools Guide International, which is composed of expats themselves who have faced the same issues and challenges with their own children's schooling, and are thus equipped with helpful insights and experiences that make their advice truly helpful.

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