School Search in Norway

Searching for a school in Norway is quite easy, especially with the wealth of schools to choose from all over the country. The challenge now comes from choosing which school will cater to the specific needs of certain students, especially expat children. More often than not, foreign nationals residing in Norway choose to send their children to an international school, despite the expensive tuition fees.

Discover international schools

Kongsberg International School (KONGSB) Kongsberg

Dyrmyr Gata 39 and 41, Kongsberg, 3611, Norway

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International School of Bergen Bergen

Vilhelm Bjerknesvei 15, 5081 Bergen Norway

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Kristiansand International School Kristiansand

Kongsgard alle 20, 4631, Kristiansand Norway

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International School Telemark Porsgrunn

Tormod Gjestlandsvei 52, 3936 Porsgrunn Norway

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The International School of Stavanger Stavanger

Treskeveien 3, 4043 Hafrsfjord Stavanger Norway

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