Allergies in Norway



Allergies in Norway are mostly brought about by weather conditions, especially as winter eases into spring. These allergies manifest as respiratory conditions such as hay fever and asthma usually result from airborne allergens such as fungi, spores or pollen that comes from flowers that release pollen that is then spread into the air.

Aside from airborne allergens, food can also be a cause of allergies. When eating out, it is wise to ask the waiter about their menu and if there are any ingredients one might be allergic to. Keeping antihistamines is another precaution to take. However, bringing large amounts of prescription medicine could be charged hefty by the customs.

Depending on the nature of allergy, an individual might need to seek medical treatment. Expats who have stayed in Norway for less than a year should take out private health insurance in Norway as the public health insurance system does not provide coverage to those who have stayed for a shorter time.

Indeed, relocating to a new country requires a lot of preparation, especially in terms of health. Allergies to food may seem minor, but they are not to be taken lightly as some allergies can get fatal when unattended. This is especially true for children. Hence, it is best to check with a travel health specialist before leaving. Those who have relocated can enjoy the additional protection offered by international health insurance in Norway.