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Norway can easily be referred to as one of the most beautiful places in the world because of its rich Viking history, dramatic landscapes and paradise-like sceneries. Like many expats, it's no wonder that you have decided to start a new life in this country, or accepted a job opportunity there but you should know that there is more to prepare than just your home, food, education of your kids and other necessities. What you should put on top of your list is your health insurance which is usually taken for granted by many people who move abroad. Think outside the box and learn some of the most important facts about how you can protect your health while in Norway.

Getting Insurance

Companies or employers should provide medical coverage for their employees who are part of their relocation program to Norway. This type of benefit should be stated on your contract or discussed by a representative from the Human Resource department so you will know what is included in your medical coverage. Also, you should ensure that your employer is accredited by the Finanstilsynet (The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway), is a department of the government that safeguards the rights of customers under every insurance company in Norway.

Another option for you is to contact some of the international and local brokers in the country. Shopping around can do you good since you will have a broader idea of their different policies which can help you choose the best one that can provide your needs. Cigna Global is one of the top choices of expats in Norway for an international health insurance. You can also consider getting coverage from Sparebank1, which offers auto, travel and other types of policies.

Importance of Insurance

Norway is a safe country to be, but it is always best to be prepared than sorry especially when it comes to your health. The WHO or World Health Organisation, recommends vaccinations against tetanus, diphtheria, measles, polio and rubella for all expats going to Norway. Tap water is safe to drink, but you should refrain from drinking from streams, even if they look clear and clean. Because of the country’s freezing climate during the winter season, you should protect yourself against frostbite and hypothermia, meaning that keeping warm is a must. Other common health risks in Norway that you should be aware are insect stings or bites and rabies which is prevalent on dogs or infected mammals especially in the areas of eastern Finnmark and Svalbard.

Contrary to what most people think, health insurance can be used even if you are not in an emergency situation or if an accident occurred. Medical coverage can help you protect your health by covering the cost of regular checkups, daily vitamins, physical exams and laboratory tests. Though you can pay for any fees from your savings or through cash, you will be happy with how much you can save if you have a good health insurance in Norway.

Local Insurance in Norway

Expats moving to Norway will be glad to know that they will be experiencing one of the world’s best health care systems. You can get medical assistance either from the public or private sectors. Once you reached a year living and working in the country, you will be required by the government to contribute to the NIS or National Insurance Scheme, which funds all public health care facilities in Norway. However, public facilities and services are not free, but you are entitled to a huge discount because of the state subsidy and support from the NIS. Private hospitals are also equipped with the best doctors and medical staff but considered to be pricier compared to public hospitals. All citizens and expats are informed to dial 113 which is the emergency hotline and ambulance response team in Norway.

Over the years, the number of expats choosing private insurance in Norway is increasing significantly. The top reason is to avoid the long wait which is usually common in public hospitals or if you are using your coverage from the NIS. It is best that you also heavily consider getting an international insurance, especially if your job requires you to travel in different areas. You can assure that wherever you go; you will have medical coverage. These companies are also handling various types of insurance for expats all over the world which means that they can easily relate to your needs as a foreigner abroad.


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