Health Risks in Norway



Moving to Norway takes some preparation, including awareness of health risks that exist in the country. It is wise to look at these risks, take the right precautions and obtain private health insurance in Norway for additional coverage to supplement benefits provided by the country's public health insurance scheme.

Expats coming to Norway should take precautions against the AH1N1 influenza virus that occurs in the country from time to time. All cases are controlled effectively by the Norwegian government; however, risks are rather limited. There are no risks of malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases, but for those who will be engaging in outdoor activities, it is advisable to be extra cautious about tick bites, especially in rural areas.

Vaccination for Hepatitis B is being recommended to all people coming to Norway. Hence, it is considered a health risk, especially for people who are frequently exposed to blood and other body fluid samples. These are people working in healthcare facilities and those who may have sexual relations with the locals. Also for those who will be working with animals, one is advised to take precautions against rabies.

The Norwegian healthcare system applies to all residents of the country, including expats. But for added security, one may also take out international health insurance in Norway.