Health Tips in Norway



There are no required vaccinations for travelling to Norway, but it is always advisable to get the usual vaccinations done in order to remain healthy whether in Norway or anywhere else.

It is also important to be ready with medications most especially for pre-existing illnesses. In this regard, it is critical to know the rules for bringing prescription medications to Norway. All medications must be in their original packaging, and the doctor's prescription must be readily available, as these will be inspected by customs.

Medical care can be very expensive in Norway, just like almost everything else in the country. Public medical services, which are financed by the Norwegian Government, are available as well as private services. Walk-in services or scheduled appointments are both available in most clinics. There are no receptionists in most doctors' offices in Oslo, so one can expect to deal with the doctors themselves directly. A list of general practitioners and specialists may be found in yellow pages or on the Internet.

Pharmacies are usually accessible with pharmacists willing and able to give useful over-the-counter advice for medication or a need to see a specialist.