Self-Employed in Norway



In order to work as a self-employed person in Norway, one will need to apply for a residence permit. To be granted this permit, the applicant must be a skilled worker having had vocational training or education of at least 3 years, a university college graduate, a holder of any craft certificate, or any special qualification deemed acceptable by the assessor.

The applicant must have a plan to hold a permanent personal business (sole proprietorship) in Norway as a basis for the application. The residence permit will be linked to this specific business and will not grant a general right to other forms of employment. The permit can be valid for one year and will allow the holder multiple entries to Norway during the duration of the permit. This can eventually be a basis for a permanent residence permit.

An application form must be submitted to the Norwegian embassy or consulate. Required documents include proof of education and work experience of the applicant, passport copy, photos, a detailed description of the enterprise and its name, financial and business plans, specification of the business location, necessary permits, and payment of application fee. Requirements may vary from each country and are subject to changes. This residence permit may be renewed at least one month before its expiry. Fee charges apply.