Visiting the Doctor in Norway



Health problems can arise at times when they are least expected and especially when people need to adjust to changes brought about by moving to the country. Expats should take the time to look at how people in Norway take advantage of free or low-cost medical care.

Everyone in Norway, including expats, is entitled to quality medical care and access to free medical treatments. Doctors in Norway are usually government-subsidized. This means everyone legally working in Norway is entitled to free health care service. It will take at least twelve months, however, for these benefits to be enjoyed. Expats and Norwegian nationals alike are automatically assigned to a group of doctors in their locality. When one needs to seek medical help for non-emergencies, they usually go to GPs (General Practitioners) and proceed to a specialist when necessary.

For those who are not covered yet by public health insurance, private health insurance in Norway will do. An expat just has to confirm coverage with the insurance company. As a first world country, Norway naturally offers excellent health care services. Many doctors speak English and can be found in any hospital in Norway. To know where to find these English-speaking practitioners and their clinics, one can also check online listings or ask their embassy.

There are a number of medical associations that make sure doctors render medical care at their full potential. To name one, Norway has Norwegian Medical Association. Aside from employment, expats could be secured with the country's highly efficient medical care system -one thing other countries may not provide. For additional coverage, an expat may also take out international health insurance in Norway.