Business Health Insurance in Norway

Corporate health insurance in Norway is essential for foreign nationals who come to work or reside in the country. Currently, Norway provides a Social Insurance Scheme to all those who live and work in the country, including foreigners who possess a resident permit for one year or more. The scheme includes health insurance, pensions, maternity pay, unemployment and other benefits. About 7.8% of tax payments deducted from workers’ salaries are directed to the social security scheme of Norway.

Cigna offers a wide selection of services and products for different business sizes and even includes employer-sponsored coverage.


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Many companies with foreign employees living in Norway choose the International Medical Group (IMG) for their corporate health insurance needs. The Global Employer’s Option is a top-notch solution for companies with employees around the world. This plan provides cover for life, dental and daily indemnity, as well as coverage for long-term disability.

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