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Oman is known to be the safest, most culturally diverse and stable nations in the Gulf region. Expats moving to this country, all have one thing in common: career growth and improvement of their financial status. These two things when achieved can significantly secure any one’s future. But as you work hard, you should not forget that your health is also a vital matter. As you are preparing for the big move, you should also ensure that you have been offered the proper medical coverage and protection from your job offer. Here are what you should know about healthcare and how you can protect yourself in Oman.

Getting Insurance

Employers are the first providers of medical insurance for expats who are moving to Oman. You should have this clearly stated and described as a benefit included in your relocation package. If you are unclear with your coverage or moving with your dependents, you should keep in touch with the Human Resource department of your office to enquire about the scope of your policy. You can also talk to your hiring manager and document the conversations. All insurance brokers in Oman should be licensed and under the supervision of the Central Bank of Oman which ensures that they are all operating legally. If your company makes any unauthorised changes that are not part of the agreement you signed, you can contact the bank at .

"Healthcare is of a very high standard in Oman, for the locals they are provided government care but all Expats are required to pay or use medical insurance, to cover the costs. The cost of the healthcare, if you are paying out of your own pocket, can become very costly."- Heather Duncan, Expat in Muscat, Oman

Expats in Oman can also get protection either from an international or local company. Choosing one is usually the most important part of your journey towards health security so it's best that you talk to several so you can decide which one can provide your needs. You can contact Clements Worldwide, an international company that offers life, health, auto, financial and home insurance or you can consider a locally based broker such as the Oman Insurance Company, which provides different types of coverage for expats in the country.

Importance of Insurance

Because of its geographical makeup where vast desert surrounds the cities and neighbourhoods, you should expect extreme heat that might affect your health. Sunburn, dehydration, heat stroke and exhaustion are the most common reasons that require medical assistance especially to expats who are still adjusting to the environment. Road related injuries and accidents are also known in Oman because some drivers tend to tailgate and over speed, that why you should always be cautious especially if you will drive to off-road destinations.

The climate in Oman is one of the things that most expats need to adjust. To ensure that you are physically fit to withstand the heat, you can go to a doctor for regular check-ups and examinations which are covered by your insurance provider. Daily vitamins and prescriptions to boost your health are also available upon your physician’s request. Most people think that insurance is just for emergency situations or accidents, but it serves many purposes which are worth the money you pay.

Local Insurance in Oman

The local government puts great effort in improving the healthcare system in Oman, which is evident in their well-maintained hospitals and skilled medical staff. If you are working for a private company, you are expected to shoulder your medical fees and usually only allowed to go to public hospitals for an emergency situation in case that the treatment is not available from a private facility. Those working for the state and their dependents are entitled to free healthcare in public hospitals such as the Royal Hospital of Oman. You can dial 999 for an immediate response from the ROP of Royal Oman Police stations in the event of an emergency.

In Oman, its best that you get insurance from an international company since the public sector or local brokers have limited coverage to support your needs. Multinational companies have years of experience in providing protection to foreign nationals and have policies that are tailor fit for the lifestyle of an expat like you.


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