Real Estate in Oman



Real estate in Oman is simpler compared to its neighbors. The main thrust is to increase luxurious but affordable accommodations like small apartments, one- and two-storey villas, and duplexes. The market is targeting investors who wish to live or to own second homes in Oman rather than earn profit on real estate. Despite this goal, many high-end developments still arise. The real estate market may not have been able to escape the global financial crisis in 2008 but now, it's picking up momentum again. New investors are now willing to provide financing and many projects are once again starting.

The property market in Oman is seen to have a huge potential of growth. This is due to its fast-growing economy, friendly culture, diversified geography and climate, agricultural farms, and fertile coasts and mountains. The low cost of land, beachfront properties, developing infrastructure and roads, improved tourism and healthy economics attract foreign investors into the country. This is boosted further by a law, which allows expatriates and foreign nationals to purchase land and property within designated areas in Oman for either accommodation or investment. The government is further looking for ways and drafting laws to increase foreign investments in the country. This will surely see a growth in Oman's real estate market.