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Renting accommodations to expats has been a source of regular and reliable income to Omanis. Most places, whether grand villas or studio apartments, are commonly rented out as unfurnished. This may include only kitchen units and light fixtures or may include some essentials like kitchen equipment, refrigerator and washing machine. Rental fees for unfurnished units range from USD 750 to USD 1,000 for one-bedroom units and more than USD 2,250 for four-bedroom villas or bigger.

Furnished accommodations are also available but the rents can be as high as 25% higher than unfurnished units. Lease for short-term periods are also available but they are higher than the long-term lease contracts. Serviced apartments are also available and may cost 30-50% higher than non-serviced apartments. This type of accommodation is just not as common as the other types.

The landlord normally requires a deposit, and utility charges may vary. Some air-conditioning charges are part of the rent while some are charged separately as part of electricity. Communal gas tanks are usually covered by the rent while water bills are separate.

Properties for rent may be found in the classified ad sections of newspapers and magazines or on the Internet. Some postings are also done in bulletin boards of accommodation blocks or areas. Estate agents are also available in the country to assist in looking for the perfect accommodation for those in need. Viewings may be requested.



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