Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Oman

Travel insurance multi trip in Oman is a policy designed for people traveling to and from Oman several times a year. Expatriates compose a huge portion of the market patronizing this type of insurance coverage. With over 600,000 foreigners in the sultanate, it is understandable that this market has grown considerably.


When it comes to securing their health needs overseas, expatriates in Oman and beyond have come to trust International Medical Group for its ever reliable worldwide coverage. For more than two decades, IMG has remained true to its commitment to offering unmatched multi-trip travel insurance products and services to the international population, including overseas residents and visitors alike.

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Anything can happen when people make overseas trips. That's why travel insurance was created. In Oman, MultiNational Underwriters' Atlas Professional ensures that frequent travelers are protected and affordably so by providing superior multi-trip coverage that is good for multiple trips made within a single year. Long planned or last minute, all trips are given automatic protection by Atlas Professional, with its state-of-the-art medical/travel emergency services.

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