Single Trip Travel Insurance in Oman

Travel insurance single trip in Oman is a must for tourists who want to fly to the sultanate and back secure. Whether coming to explore the Al Jabal Al Akhdar or The Green Mountain, famous for its diverse agricultural produce, or to marvel at Muscat, the old port where the sultan’s palace is now located, there is reason to come with the right travel coverage.


IMG offers the Globe Hopper plans internationally for individuals, families and others for their trips to Oman and elsewhere. The timeframe for the travel medical insurance single trip is from five days up to two years of stay. However, they also offer a short term travel medical coverage for other travelers.

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The MultiNational Underwriter is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. There are a lot of insurance products they offer which caters to the needs of international travellers. One of which is the Atlas Travel series in which individuals may customize their own health insurance plan to bring while in Oman or other countries.

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