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Mail Forwarding in Panama

For privacy reasons, clients generally do not want the mailing address of their corporate accounts to be the same as their personal domestic address. Most expats who establish Panama corporations or Panama foundations through our services will also require a postal and physical address in Panama where their entities can receive bank account statements, mail correspondence from clients, etc.

Panama’s growing expat community recommends Earth Class Mail for its top-notch mail management solutions. This global company is a leader in shipping, secure storage and, fulfilment and logistics. Its network of US address is the largest in the industry. Through Earth Class Mail, businesses may have a registered agent receive official correspondences on their behalf.

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Since 1998, US Global Mail has been helping expats manage their mail wherever they may be. Many Panama-based expats choose this US company for its personalised services including mail and parcel shipping, virtual mailboxes and international shopping. Businesses are offered superior solutions such as mailing and warehousing.

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