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This year’s International Living Retirement Index did not include Paraguay among the 24 top retirement destinations in the world. The South American nation, however, has a lot to offer to both working and retired expats. A British expat blogger, married to a Paraguayan, listed 10 reasons to consider Paraguay including the following:

- Low cost of living
- Strong economic growth due to an expanding agriculture and service sector
- Efficient healthcare system
- Investment opportunity
- Real estate is not overvalued
- Accessible transport system

The capital city of Asunción was ranked as one of the least expensive capital cities in the world. A retired couple can comfortably live with USD $1,000 per month. Groceries cost a fraction of the cost in the US. A litre of milk and a loaf of fresh white bread cost USD $0.93 each. Vegetables and fruits are significantly cheap at USD $0.60 - USD $2.20 per kilo. Monthly utilities (electricity, water, heating and garbage disposal) can run to USD $60 - USD $70. An internet subscription, however, can be costly at USD $82 per month.

Transportation is relatively cheaper in the South American nation than many Western destinations. A litre of gasoline costs USD $1.57 while a one-way bus ticket is for USD $0.52.

Paraguay offers a wide range of leisure activities, including low-cost alcohol beverages. A 0.5 litre domestic beer is worth USD $1.28 while an imported beer is USD $1.64. Tobacco products are also more affordable in Paraguay. A pack of Marlboro cigarettes costs USD $1.47 compared to $6 in the US and USD $11 in the UK. A trip to the cinema costs USD $6 per seat. An hour in a rented tennis court is for USD $10 while monthly membership fee in a fitness club costs USD $30 – USD $35.

There are, however, a number of destinations for budgeted trips including Panteon Nacional de los Heroes plaza in Asunción, traditional shows in Ciervo Blanco and nature walks in Trinidad and Jesús in northeastern Encarnación. Travel guide Lonely Planet listed top destinations recommended for locals and foreigners in Paraguay including:

Central Chaco Lagoons

Costanera & Beach

Itaipú Dam

Itaipú Ecological Reserves

Fortín Boquerón

Fortín Toledo

Mbaracayú Biosphere Reserve

Northwestern National Parks

Parque Nacional San Rafael

Salto del Monday

Bargain clothing and electronic products are available in Ciudad del Este’s indoor shopping malls including Americana, Casa China, Galeria La Paloma, Galeria Rahal, King Fong, Mina India and Santo Domingo.



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