Essential Employment Paperwork in Paraguay



Paraguay is a South American country that is blessed with a rapidly growing economy. Foreign nationals who wish to seek employment in Paraguay need first to secure the necessary work and/or residence permit. 

Expatriates who plan on working in Paraguay can apply either for a tourist or business visa in order to enter the country. Currently, these are the only two types of visas that are being issued in Consulates/Embassies of Paraguay abroad and those who want to engage in gainful employment need to apply for a work/residence permit upon their arrival in Paraguay. Generally speaking, this country has three types of permits for foreign nationals: the Provisional Permit which is valid for six months, the Temporary Residence Permit which is valid for one year and the Permanent Residence which is the most suitable for expats who are under long-term work assignments. 

Process of Obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit 

To get a permanent residence permit, expats must first gather the documents listed below. All the relevant paperwork must be copied, translated into Spanish and Apostilled. If the foreign national's country of origin does not issue Apostilled documents, then all the requirements must be validated or certified by the nearest Paraguayan Embassy/Consulate. 

  • Passport
  • Certificate of Clean Police Record
  • Birth Certificate
  • Medical Certificate (issued in Paraguay) 

Applicants must personally go to Asuncion to submit their application and to open a local bank account with a deposit of at least USD 5,500. The application process normally takes a maximum of 90 days but most of the time; the Ministry/Immigration Office issues the residence permit within 70 business days. Expats also need to apply for a Paraguayan ID card within six months of receiving their permanent residence permit. The ID card is issued within two business days and is valid for five years.