Emergency Numbers in Peru



Emergency helpline numbers are very important, especially for expats who have just moved to another country. Keeping these numbers in handy can save lives while not even bothering to know these hotlines can put one in greater danger in the face of emergencies.

In Peru, the police' number is 105 and to call the fire department, the number to dial is 116. There are no government-funded fire services in the country and all fire brigades are composed of volunteers from the private sector, especially in Lima. Still, these people make use of advanced technology and go through consistent trainings to improve their fire management skills. These private firefighters' services are also free of charge.

The ambulance and emergency medical care in Peru has improved over the years, especially in Lima. High standard of equipment and staff are there to help and rescue people in all types of emergencies. For medications, there are many pharmacies, called botica farmacia, offering 24-hour delivery service while most prescription drugs can be bought over the country.

It is advised that these numbers be saved in every expat's cell phone or posted in a spot at home where they could be easily seen.



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