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If you have decided to relocate to the Philippines, for a job, or to retire, then you have to start preparing early to ensure your smooth transition. Aside from your basic needs such as work, home, education of your kids and utilities, you should also include health protection as one of your urgent needs. A majority of expats tend to overlook the importance of insurance and it come to light even more in a country where

All working citizens and foreigners in the country are required to contribute to PhilHealth, a national insurance that provides free or subsidised health care in both private and public facilities. But most choose to look into private insurance plans. Let us help you identify what will be your need.

Getting Insurance

If you have landed a job in some of the hiring industries there, you might be part of the lucky ones having health care protection as part of your benefits package. Private health coverage is often taken on top as to offer access to private medical facilities. Some cities or second tier city do not have the same type of healthcare facility as you would have back home, so make sure to ask around what is the level in your destination if it is outside the major hubs such as Manila, Cebu City, Davao etc.

See to it that you ask your employer or a representative from the so that you have knowledge regarding the coverage of your policy. All brokers in the country should be licensed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Bank of the Philippines). If you deem that your employer makes sudden changes or doesn’t comply with what is stated in your agreement, feel free to contact the BSP.

There is also an extensive list of international and local brokers in the Philippines where you can get different types of insurance products. Keep in mind that choosing which company to get your coverage is the most vital part of securing yourself while abroad. Take your time in asking about their different policies so that you’ll have adequate knowledge on which one can meet your needs. A known provider of international health care and a local company called Philippine First Insurance Company Inc. one of the country’s leading non-life insurer.

Importance of Insurance

The Philippines is a tropical country so you should expect mosquito-related illnesses such as malaria and dengue fevers especially during the months of June to November. Make sure that you keep your environment clean and wear topical insect repellent to avoid getting bitten. The climate can also get really hot during the summer season so always keep yourself hydrated and refrain too much exposure to the sun to prevent heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Petty crimes in the streets are also a persistent issue in the Philippines, which calls for extreme caution. It is best to stay vigilant when in public places and do not walk the streets alone at night.

Most of the illnesses and hazards can be prevented, but there are still many things that are beyond your control. Expats abroad can be very vulnerable no matter how they try to walk the safety line. Insurance can serve as your armour against the devastating results of accidents and emergency situations. Aside from the physical damages, being unprepared can also significantly affect your finances. The best and most efficient way to protect yourself every step of the way is by having health care and proper insurance.

Local Insurance

The health care system of the Philippines is under the regulation of the Department of Health whose responsibility is to ensure that proper medical assistance is within reach of every residents. In general, the cost of medicine and hospitalization in the Philippines is affordable. However, expats will find a huge difference between the quality of healthcare in the major cities and rural places where hospitals in the central areas are more highly equipped.

The Philippines is still in the process of improving its public health care system and scheme, that’s why expats are most likely to secure private medical cover. The country has highly skilled medical personnel and modern treatments are mostly available in the first tier cities.



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