Visiting the Doctors in the Philippines



Philippines is known to be one of the best destinations for medical tourism in Asia.

This is attributed to the affordable cost of treatment, hospitals and other health facilities and, of course, the world-class competence of most doctors in the Philippines.

Filipinos seek medical treatment from either a public or private hospital or health center. Both render quality services as doctors in the Philippines are some of the brightest in Asia. However, public facilities may have limited tools and patients may not be as comfortable as when they would be treated in a private facility. 

A private hospital in the Philippines charges higher than a public one. The cost is cheaper by international standards, and local and expat patients may use their insurance. Almost every Filipino is enrolled under PhilHealth, which is the national health insurance program of the government. PhilHealth covers a part of various medical treatments and consultations. For bills not covered by public insurance, a patient may make use of a private insurance policy.

Expats, in particular, may use international health insurance in the Philippines as long as a confirmation of coverage is sought from the hospital or clinic itself prior to use. The best hospitals are those found in the major areas such as Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao. 

Several medical associations are also established to maintain a system of check and balance among doctors and other medical professionals. Two of these organizations are the Philippine Medical Association and the Catholic Association of the Nurses and Doctors whose main goal is to make sure that doctors are up to par with the highest medical and ethical standards while in practice.

Most expats in the Philippines live in a major area city and will have no problem accessing quality and comfortable medical care.