Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Philippines

3,139,000 tourists arrived in the Philippines within the last year, the majority of whom were there to see the sights near the capital city of Manila. If you will join the millions visiting this year you will need travel insurance multi trip in the Philippines, as there are potential health risks an expat or traveller may be exposed to.


International Medical Group offers high-value multi-trip travel insurance to millions of clients in more than 170 around the globe, including the Philippines. IMG's knack for combining exceptional products and services is its main edge over other global insurers. Not only does it boast highly competitive products; its customer care services are to beat as well.

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There are certain insurance policies that can give expats in the Philippines the best protection, simply because they were created for overseas purposes. Atlas Professional plans from MultiNational Underwriters is ripe with competitive benefits, including online capabilities. MNU offers features that allow plan holders to check their policies, pay their premiums, change levels of cover and communicate with customer reps, all on the Internet.

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