Single Trip Travel Insurance in Philippines

The Philippines has a negative net migration rate, as 1,233,365 Filipino workers leave the country every year to search for better opportunities abroad. This makes for a more lax immigration policy for foreigners looking to enter or work in the Philippines, though travel insurance single trip in the Philippines should be taken out due to the health risks in the country.


International vacationers, families sponsoring exchange students and recently arrived immigrants are just some of the people privileged to apply for the Globe Hopper Travel Medical Insurance by the International Medical Group. Those on their way to the Philippines and elsewhere get to take advantage of the plan which covers the medical treatment of the traveler in the country.

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MultiNational Underwriter is the provider of Atlas Travel Insurance in the Philippines. It is the answer to your worries while travelling abroad. It ensures a safer travel by offering medical and international expatriate health plans that are suitable for every short time traveller’s needs. It is also recommended by the World Health Organization.

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