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Poland's official currency is the Zloty and no other currency is accepted for payments. There are, however, very limited areas close to Germany where the Euro could be an option for buyers to use. Still, the Zloty is most recommended. Banks change Euros or dollars and charge a transaction fee but most expats go to exchange outlets where the service is free and exchange rates are even better. Cards may also be used for shopping while travelers' checks may only hold with major banks and hotels.


Expats who come to Poland alone may find sharing cheap accommodation more practical. Bed space rental could be anywhere from 300 – 400 Zloty. Aside from being able to save money, one also benefits from the chance to make friends with people who could be of help for someone new in the country. Renting a whole flat may cost about 400 in the less urbanized areas and about 900 zloty for the main cities like Warsaw or Cracow.


Poland's taxation is progressive which means the higher one's income, the higher the taxes he needs to pay. Individual income tax rate could play between 0 – 32% depending on how much one earns. Entrepreneurs will sometimes apply for a 19% flat tax rate on their business income. Value Added Tax in Poland is a standard rate of 22% while certain products and services, including food, may be taxed anywhere from 3-7 %. VAT exemptions, however, apply to certain items such as health services, insurance banking services and provision on services for export.


Rates for landline telephones have decreased significantly in the last few years that come with special packages offer including free minutes of use and flat rates. Expatriates will surely appreciate the opportunity to maintain communication with relatives and friends back home at more affordable rates. Installation of Internet connection by any of the six service providers can amount to 200 Zloty while a monthly fee could be around 70 Zloty. Prepaid cards have been more popular because they are cheaper compared to maintaining postpaid accounts.


In Poland, food can be quite cheap, especially when purchased at local stores. For about 200 Zloty, one can have three decent meals a day. In the major cities, about 2000 Zloty a month is a fair amount to live on. While food costs relatively lower than in other parts of Europe, it is always wise to check their menus and prices. In an average restaurant, dining cost is around 20-25 Zloty for a nice meal while at the more sophisticated ones, prices could go anywhere between 500 and 100 Zloty.



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