Tax Advisory in Poland

Foreign nationals who have resided in Poland for a period of more than 183 days in the tax year are subject to be taxed on their worldwide income. Expats working in the country are required to register for tax and acquire an NIP number, or tax identification number. The tax system of Poland is progressive for Personal Income Tax (PTI) where employees are taxed between 19% and 40% of their income.

When expats hire a personal taxation specialist, they are able to minimize the taxes they pay, comply with the most expat-specific regulations that often end up unnoticed, and stay away from the hassle of being audited by tax authorities back home. UK-based specialist Andrew Baker does this best for expats in Poland, with his 35 years of experience in the industry.

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Managing taxes is essential in the relocation process of Poland-based expats. Every jurisdiction has a different tax law, thus it is advisable to seek guidance only from licensed professionals. Tax Advisory Expatriates offers independent advice on tax returns and tax planning, as well as access to legal tax avoidance schemes. Valued customers are also given information to help them make smart decisions.

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