Allergies in Portugal



You may already be aware of the things that you're allergic to, but we all know how a different environment can spark the discovery of a new one. This is especially true if you'd be coming from an entirely different environment than Portugal's.

Hence, expats must ensure that sufficient coverage is available from their private health insurance companies in Portugal.

The most common and the easiest to detect allergies would have to be food allergies. Portuguese cuisine is tempting, with all its rich flavours, inviting aroma, and its variety of colours.

When eating out, make sure to ask the chef or your server what the basic ingredients are to the dish that you're ordering, just to avoid any unwanted case of allergy attacks.

Another major allergy culprit in Portugal, especially in the big cities, is pollution. Pollution means smoke and dust; these have caused about 30% of the Portuguese population to suffer from rhinitis.

About 20% of the population had also reported having at least one hives episode. Hives or urticaria is a circular red swelling or lesions, which usually appear when one is allergic to certain food or medication.

Portugal's forested areas also offer a bevy of allergens to the unaware; pollen and insects among others are common suspects.

The common allergies or allergic reactions mentioned above may seem simple at the onset, but their threat to disrupting a person's daily life must not be taken lightly. Make sure to check, if you have international health insurance in Portugal, and that cases like these are also covered by your plan.