Emergency Numbers in Portugal



In the case of expatriates bound for a foreign country like Portugal, any emergency can be unnerving. A step forward to being in control of this kind of situation is by knowing the emergency numbers at your destination.

The most important number to have on your speed dial in Portugal is the country's national emergency number - 112.

This number is Portugal's equivalent to the US 911. You can dial this number for any medical emergencies, to get the help of local police, or even in cases of fire. Calls to this number are free. An operator will assist and connect you the appropriate channels during emergency situations.

For medical emergencies, it would also help if you have a handy list of phone numbers of hospitals or medical facilities that are nearest to your place of work and your place of residence. You can also check the website of the national police to check on the local police numbers.

For crimes connected to domestic violence or child abuse, you may directly dial 144 to get assistance from the authorities.

Portugal is a hot tourist destination, and the Portuguese National Tourist Office can be reached at 1-800-767-8842. You may think you don't need this number since you're an expatriate and not a tourist, but you may find that for the first few weeks of your stay, this number would definitely come in handy.

It is not impossible at all to find yourself in an emergency in the high seas, so make sure you have the Sea Rescue number of 214 401 919 on your list of important contacts as well.



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