Having a Baby in Portugal



Having a baby in Portugal should not create worries for expectant mothers.

There are a lot of organizations that give information, advice and support, such as the Doulas de Portugal, Humpar or The Portuguese Association for the Humanisation of Childbirth, the Service of Information on Medicine and Pregnancy at Coimbra, and the Help to Mothers. These organizations provide free services for pregnant women for prenatal care and birth preparations.

Expectant mothers have the option of home birth, which is popular in Portugal, or deliver in the public or private hospitals.

Expats are recommended to take international health insurance prior to relocating to Portugal to make sure all childbirth costs are covered. Keep in mind that health insurers often impose a minimum of 10 months before women can take advantage of the coverage for birthing or pre and post-natal care.

Immunization for rubella, mumps and measles is given to babies ages 15 and 18 months for free for all infants born in Portugal.

Registering the baby in the Civil Registry Office is easy and affordable. Foreign parents must do this within 20 days after giving birth. Just present the expat's identification card, passport and/or the resident certificate. Public and private hospitals in Portugal is also available for emergency deliveries.

Remember that the infant has to have a binding name under the Portuguese law. If both parents are Portuguese citizens already, they can use up to six individual names, two first names and four surnames using Portuguese phonetics. For permanently residing expats in Portugal, they can give any names that are acceptable in their home country provided that their chosen names for the baby are approved by their consulate office or embassy in Portugal.



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