Pet Import Regulations in Portugal



Pet lovers who wish to relocate their pets need to be aware that only five pets per non-commercial pet importer are allowed in Portugal.

This pet import rule is only to make sure that the moving expats are keeping the pets to themselves at home and do not engage in any pet trading in Portugal. 

For dogs and cats, pet vaccination for rabies is a must. Pets need to be vaccinated within 21 days before they come to Portugal although quarantine treatment is not necessary for pets.

Expats moving with their pets have to secure either an updated European Union Pet Passport if expats are coming from an EU country or its equivalent Certificate of Health from a non-EU country, and original certificates of pet vaccination for each pet before entering in Portugal.

For pet mice, rabbits, and hamsters, pet passport are not required. 

Owners need to declare each pet in ports or airports upon arrival.

Although there are no strict rules in relocating pets to Portugal, pet owners are encouraged to get pet relocation services to make the relocation for pets easy and comfortable for all involved.



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