Visiting the Doctor in Portugal



Expats from the European Union need not worry about getting medical help in Portugal as they are automatically provided free health care services. It is one of the benefits from the EU reciprocal health agreements among all citizens of EU countries.

Expats who are UK nationals and need medical attention need to have a European Health Insurance Card. Expats with EHIC are entitled to covered medical healthcare expenses including the General Practitioner fee and discounts in medications.

Working expats in Portugal, who is making contributions to the country's social security system, can be given assistance for hospital treatment expenses including room and doctor's fee.

Residents in Portugal are entitled to free basic healthcare under the mandate of the Portugal Public Health Department. Benefits include free basic essential medicines such as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs, and an appointment to a physician at any local public health center or hospital. When applying for a medical card, bring the proof of permanent residency like social security card and a residential certification from your locality.

Expats who would like to be insured of a wider selection of doctors and shorter waiting times can still purchase private health insurance or an international health insurance plan for added medical security.