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Mail Forwarding in Portugal

Each year in Portugal we can count about 120,000 registered air carrier departures. Most of them are bound to deliver letters and parcels all over the world. Thanks to this postal system partially improved in the 80’s with European Union grants, any item sent through mail forwarding in Portugal will be delivered in time.

Earth Class Mail dedicates its work to everyone concerned with their mail in Portugal. They will allow you to select more than one item to be shipped to your desired location which will be given at a cheaper and discounted rate. Important mail may also be scanned upon your approval and will be sent to your account.

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US Global Mail (USGM) is a specialist when it comes to your mail and package forwarding needs in Portugal. They are popular for having loyal customers for the services they provide which comes with the mail forwarding services are mail scanning, consolidation and repacking. Get the chance to make use of all these services in a cheap price as well.

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