Allergies in Qatar



Allergies are just one of the concerns an expatriate may face when relocating to a new country. When moving to Qatar, expats may develop hypersensitivity reactions to certain allergens. These reactions can range from mild to serious to even fatal. Hence, it pays to know what to expect in this Middle East country and to take out international health insurance in Qatar to make sure one is covered, just in case a simple allergy escalates to a more serious medical condition.

Food allergies are prevalent in Qatar, especially those related to gluten, wheat and dairy products. These are very common ingredients of food in this country and some expatriates have reported allergic reactions to any or all of these. When getting some groceries, expats should carefully go through the labels of food products in order to know if there are any ingredients that may cause allergies.

There are many doctors in Qatar who specialize in the treatment of allergies. Sometimes, antihistamines are merely prescribed, but for those who develop more severe reactions, hyposensitization therapy might be necessary. Children are especially prone to allergies but still, these conditions should never be taken for granted. While some people only experience rhinitis or any other mild respiratory allergic reaction, others can go into anaphylactic shock and some even die. Hence, it is important that expats make themselves aware of the possible allergens they can find in Qatar and how to get help when their bodies react adversely.

In case allergies need medical intervention, international health insurance in Qatar will also provide great help to expats who may just be beginning to build on their financial stability.