Buying Properties in Qatar



Foreigners who are not nationals of any Gulf Cooperation Council country can purchase property only in the following: Pearl-Qatar, West Bay Lagoon, and Al Khor. Meanwhile, nationals of the GCC countries may purchase land in a few countries more, like: Al Khuraj, Lusail and Thaayleb Mountain and may hold a maximum of three properties only at any one time.

Foreigners may own property through a long-term lease which is valid for a maximum of 99 years. There are 18 areas in which foreigners are allowed to lease property long-term and these include Lusail, Doha Al Jaheed, Old Airport and Al Sadd. A foreigner who purchases property in Qatar will be granted a residence permit by the government. This permit will be valid for as long as the property is owned by the foreigner. Real estate agents can assist in obtaining this permit. 

Properties for sale may be found in leading newspapers or in websites, but it may be easier to find finished projects with prices through real estate agents, most especially the big ones who cater to foreigners and expatriates. Their expertise and knowledge will make it easier finding properties that fit one's specific needs and preferences. The prices of the properties they offer may be relatively higher, but the properties prove to be worth the premium in the end.