Cost of Living in Qatar



Qatar is the richest country in the world as per its national GDP but what comes with it is also a high cost of living. Expatriates must come prepared and knowledgeable that almost anything in this wonderful city is a priced possession. Find out more about how costly it is to live in Qatar with this guide.


One of the highest expenses an expat will encounter in Qatar is its accommodation. The amount of rental in the country depends on the type of property, its accessibility and whether it is furnished or not. Most of the expatriates working in Qatar prefer to live in Doha  since it is the central business district. The wisest thing to do when looking for accommodation is to make it accessible to work and local stores so that transportation is cheaper for foreigners. Foreign nationals are also lucky if the company they are working for offers a housing allowance as a part of their salary.


Expat car lovers are sure to enjoy the freedom of having their own cars in Qatar as petroleum is cheap. It would be noticeable that most of the people in  the country may have their own cars, or rents one. A public transport system in Qatar is also almost non-existent and the taxis found everywhere are as prestige as Ferrari and Porsche vehicles. When buying a car, expats must take note to prioritise Asian brands than Western once since the car parts and repair service is cheaper and affordable.

Public transportation on the other hand includes buses and taxis which starts at a fare amount of 3 to 4 QAR. Expatriates are sure to enjoy their transportation experience in this majestic and lavish country.


Next to accommodation, food is the second most expensive item an expat will spend for in Qatar. Imagine paying almost 10 percent of a salary in food only. Most of the food products in the country are imported which makes it a bit pricey and the only thing that is cheap is flat bread. Expatriates may also spend their time strolling and hopping around some of the best small and independent restaurants and the country but even these would be valuable. What most foreigners would notice though is how stringent Qatar is with alcohol. Liquor and other alcoholic beverage can only be purchased from warehouses and even requires  a permit for an individual to buy one.


Qatar is known to be an expat worker's hub and one of the many ways of attracting these foreign employees aside from skyrocketing salaries is offering them the best entertainment in the world. Expats may even be culture shock with the many poshed cars and shopping malls everywhere in the country. Expat shopaholics would tire their feet roaming around the many shopping malls in Qatar including the City Centre Mall, Landmark and Villagio. Aside from shopping, sightseeing in some of its breathtaking museums such as the Museum of Islamic Art and the Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art is also a top entertainment in Qatar.



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