Having a Baby in Qatar



Qatar's medical facilities are among the best in the world, especially in terms of maternity care. Qatar is also one of only four countries that are vigorously implementing a program that includes screening of newborns for congenital diseases. The country actually has hospitals built specifically for maternity care. For these reasons, having a baby in Qatar is viewed as a safe and comfortable experience for expat women, especially when they have private health insurance in Qatar to help with the financial aspect of childbirth.

Apart from maternity hospitals, there are also a good number of private hospitals in Qatar whose highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment are more than enough to afford mothers and infants the best of care. These hospitals are typically more expensive, though. Thus, expats will do well taking out international health insurance in Qatar to help them with the bills.

Qatar does not allow dual citizenship even for babies born in this country of foreigner parents. This may have something to do with the country's strict policy that prohibits foreigners from being granted Qatari citizenship, no matter how long they have stayed in the country. Still, working expatriates do not mind because they know they can always work here and enjoy high salaries and very attractive employment benefits which Qatar is famous for.



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