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Taking in consideration that Qatar has a Subtropical dry, hot desert climate with low annual rainfall, with very high temperatures in summer. The country’s climate is a big factor to consider in making decisions in health care and protection, this is because there are many illnesses that can be caused by a country’s climate. Stay in good shape in the country with this guide.

Types of insurance available

Qatar Insurance companies offers a variety of Insurance plans, be it life and health. One being the “OQIC” (Oman Qatar Insurance Company)is planning an initial public offering (IPO) on the Muscat Securities Market by the end of 2017,this was said by a top-level official of the company.the company plans to offer 40 percent of its paid up capital to the investing public through the issue.There are 10 insurance companies operating in the country: 5 national, 3 Arab, and 2 foreign companies. As announced by Qatar’s Supreme Council of Health (SCH), health insurance services provided by the National Health Insurance Company (Seha) will be suspended from the end of December. A cabinet decision has been made to transfer health insurance responsibilities to private companies.In a statement carried by QNA(Qatar News Agency), it was announced that the Supreme Council of Health will "agree with a company or more from the private sector health insurance companies to provide health insurance services to citizens".

International private medical insurance

Qatar is also a country of high standards,this also includes their health-care. Health-care standards in Qatar are generally in a higher level, and are also in top level on par with other leading countries. Qatari citizens are covered by a national health insurance scheme, while expats must receive their health insurance from their employers, or in this case, if an expat is a self-employed employee, must purchase his own health insurance. The country’s healthcare spending is one of the highest in the Gulf countries, with $4.7 billion; being invested in healthcare in the year 2014. From 2010, this was a great increase of $2.1 billion. The Hamad Medical Corporation, being the Premier healthcare distributor and provider of the country, established by the government as a non-profit healthcare provider, which runs a network of hospitals, and ambulance services, and a home healthcare service, in which all of these are accredited by the Joint commission.


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Cost of basic medical needs (dental, minor surgery, checkups)

Expats that will be working in Qatar or to stay for more than one month will be charged. A fee varying between QR 400 and QR 800 for a compulsory medical check-up. The test can be carried out at any of the three private hospitals authorized by the Supreme Council of Health. Dentistry services range from QR 250 to QR 400 depending on the operation or type of check-up that the customer will be requiring.

Minor surgeries also range from QR15,000 to QR 450,000, also depending the hospital and facility, prices from private and public hospitals may vary according to its level of service and class.

Best hospitals

Qatar is filled with Hospitals and healthcare facilities. But what matter most to the patients is the effectiveness, cleanliness, and the type of service that they’re getting from a healthcare facility. Some of the best hospitals are the:“HAMAD Medical Corp”, the HMC is the biggest government hospital complete with all medical facilities. HMC is probably the best hospital in Qatar. Also in the line is the “Ahli Hospital”, and the “Doha Clinic Hospital”, hospitals of which are in the same tier and top notch facilities in Qatar.

Emergency numbers

Accidents and emergencies cannot be avoided, they come unexpected, this is why the citizens of Qatar have to have the easiest and fastest of access on their emergency services. If one encounters a health or a crime situation, it is advisable to dial 999 for the emergency police and ambulances.


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