Pet Import Regulations in Qatar



Foreigners moving to Qatar may have some pets they don't want to leave behind in their home countries. This should not be a problem as there are many service providers of international pet relocation to Qatar which allow for safe pet transport. Some of these companies even offer door-to-door delivery service.

For a safe and hassle-free pet relocation process, all requirements must be met prior to arrival. Relocating pets to Qatar is allowed but first, a permit should be obtained by the owner. Boxers, Rottweilers, Bulldogs, Great Danes and Dobermans are dogs which are not allowed in Qatar. But for other dog and cat breeds, vaccination against rabies must be presented. The pet's veterinarian from its country of origin must issue a vaccination certificate as well as a health certificate stating that the pet is free from parasites and communicable diseases and is in good shape. Both documents should be submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture in Qatar, together with an application for pet importation. The Pet's picture, copy of the owner's passport and a copy of the airway bill for the pet's travel are also required.

There are professional pet relocation companies that can help make the whole process simpler and easier. People who don't have time to process pet import papers themselves can always hire the services of these companies so they can just focus on arriving in Qatar and making themselves comfortable while beginning life as expats in this Middle East country.



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