Real Estate in Qatar



After the downturn in the property market in 2008, demand for residential and commercial properties in Qatar has been observed to have increased in 2010. Sales of residential properties rose higher than those of commercial properties. Rentals for apartments and villas vary as they increased in some areas while they declined in others and office rentals increased in certain locations within the city. There is a great number of residential and commercial buildings under construction which are close to completion in Doha. This is a good indication of a strengthening real estate market in the country.

Qatar's property market was opened to foreigners in 2004, albeit controlled with some restrictions like specific locations where they are allowed to buy and the maximum number of properties to be held at any one time. The thrust was to push luxury properties to foreign investors. Foreigners who purchase luxury properties compete with each other for tenants. Since purchase of properties in designated locations has been encouraged, incentives may be expected when buying from these areas. A sample would be lower interest rates and better terms in mortgage loans from banks. Property prices in Qatar remain to be relatively cheaper compared to other Gulf countries. Apart from luxury properties like the villas, less expensive and simpler properties are not few in number.