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Foreigners who are looking to rent property in Qatar can find a wide range of villas and apartments with high quality and modern architecture. Most can be found in the cities and the urban areas. Developers who are usually from wealthy families compete for projects and build impressive structures. These constructions must NOT be considered when looking for a place to rent as they tend to be noisy and maybe disruptive in residential areas.

Rental contracts are available for short-term and long-term needs. They can be as short as one month or as long as one year. Advanced payments are required and are usually done with just two checks so that is quite a number of months paid in advanced for a long-term contract. Most landlords are more comfortable dealing with citizens so it is best to have one's sponsors deal on their behalf.

Early termination of rental contract may be allowed in some cases, but some landlords require finding a replacement first. Deposits are also standard as this serves as an insurance to the landlord for unpaid bills and damages to the property. Any balance must be returned to the tenant. It is advisable to check the property personally and preferably with the landlord present. All inventories and their conditions must be documented in order to avoid disputes in the future.



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