Visiting the Doctor in Qatar



Healthcare in Qatar is supported by advanced medical equipment and world-class medical professionals who cater the medical needs of both expatriates and locals. The large network of clinics and hospitals in Qatar is viewed positively because it indicates their wide availability and accessibility.

Health awareness, maternity and childhood health care, immunization against diseases, diagnosing and treating chronic diseases are part of only some of the government's basic health programs that aim to promote and offer the primary health care in this country. There are also private hospitals in the country, as well as doctors in Qatar. However, private medical services are always more expensive than those offered by the government. This makes private health insurance in Qatar very useful for expats.

Hamad Medical Corporation is the leading medical establishment in the country which allows expats and Qataris to avail of government subsidies that cover dental expenses as well. For expats to avail of their low payments for consultations and laboratory examinations, a QR100 health card should be presented. The good news is, even expatriates can avail and apply of this card.

Doctors in Qatar, whether private or public, mostly speak English but payment for private health care is often not cheap. It remains always advisable for expats to take out international health insurance in Qatar and to confirm whether this insurance will be honored by one's doctor or hospital.